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February 15, 2017 / No Black Pete

Democratic Party Factors

 Times Photo by: Robin Donina Serne 31 Factors for Democrats to Consider

Original: Thirty-One Factors For Scientologists to Consider by Marty Rathbun

Scientology founder Ron Hubbard discovered technology and methodologies that can influence people and alter their state of awareness. Hubbard developed a method of confession that allowed for agents to find weaknesses in targets and recruits, to get exploited. Thirty-one factors have been discovered that threaten his fake church under the new Dictator Miscavige. These factors are hereby applied to the so-called Democratic Party (hereafter: The Party).


The Party has been taken over by a self-appointed Dictator X, who has turned the Creed of The Party, the Code of The Party, and the Credo of True Party Members on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse Politics. Read more…

February 5, 2017 / No Black Pete

Ball Pointing Diary

Image result for ghost writerRe: The Truth about the Anne Frank Diary
alt.conspiracy ›Aaronovich, 2009

“Dave U. Random” wrote in message
> In 1980, Otto sued two Germans, Ernst Romer and Edgar Geiss, for
> distributing literature denouncing the diary as a forgery. The trial
> produced a study by official German handwriting experts that determined
> everything in the diary was written by the same person. The person that
> wrote the diaries had used a ballpoint pen throughout. Unfortunately for
> Herr Frank, the ballpoint pen was not available until 1951 whereas Anne
> was known to have died of typhus in 1944.
> Because of the lawsuit in a German court, the German state forensic Read more…

February 1, 2017 / No Black Pete

Sort of Klan Story

Related imageThe Ku Klux Klan
The White Rights Movement
From Evil Cult Killers, by Omnipress

– Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Radical Republican Party?
– Did you belong to the Federal Army during the late war, and fight against the South during the existence of the same?
– Are you opposed to negro equality, both social and political?
– Are you in favour of a white man’s government in this country?

These were the questions drawn up by the KuKlux Klan in 1868 to recruit people to its organisation.

When the black population of America emerged victorious from their struggle for liberation from slavery after the American Civil War, they met with a new enemy “a secret, terrorist, white-supremacist organization known as the Ku Klux Klan, who believed in the innate inferiority of the black man and therefore felt that they neither deserved, nor were welcome to, the same rights and privileges as the white man. The freedom of these slaves signified a humiliating economic and social defeat, adding salt to Read more…

January 30, 2017 / No Black Pete

Daft Falun Gong

Image result for falun gong cultFalun Gong
The Practice of the Wheel of the Dharma
From Evil Cult Killers, by Omnipress

By the end of the 1990s, a decade which had witnessed the mass [murder] of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and the Aum Supreme […] sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, there was a climate of fear and suspicion surrounding spiritual or religious movements with large groups of followers. As a result of this paranoia, the government in China decided to launch a crackdown on various spiritual groups, and amongst those targeted was the Falun Gong. Meaning ˜The practice of the wheel of Dharma’, Falun Gong (originally named Falun Dafa but renamed after this practice), was reported by the Chinese government to have two million members. This figure was perhaps an attempt by the government to play down the actual membership, for the Falun Gong movement itself claimed to have over 100 million.

The Falun Gong’s response to this move by the Chinese government was to hold a silent and peaceful protest in front of the Communist Party headquarters in Beijing. Ten thousand of its members participated in this demonstration on April 25, 1999. Yet, instead of reassuring the Chinese authorities of the harmless intentions of the group, the silent protest threw the government into an even greater panic. Read more…

January 29, 2017 / No Black Pete

Mormons Message

Related imageThe Lafferty Brothers’ Message From God
Two brothers whose lives take a turn for the worse
From Evil Cult Killers, by Omnipress

Daniel and Ronald Lafferty were brothers born into a strict Latter Day Saint family. They had four brothers and two sisters with whom they lived together with their mother and father on a farm west of Utah.

Their father, Watson Lafferty, after serving a few years in the US navy as a barber, opened a barber’s shop come chiropractic clinic and settled down to raise his eight children as model LDS members. With his love for religion came some strict rules, that Watson expected his wife Claudine and children to live by, and he did not think twice about beating any of them who refused to obey him.

The brothers had been born into a violent but religious family life. When they weren’t facing their father’s abuse personally, they often saw him inflict it on their other siblings, and also on their mother, whom Dan Lafferty described as a “good woman and excellent mother’ On the flip side of the coin, Watson Lafferty Read more…

January 29, 2017 / No Black Pete

Mormon Killer Cubs

Image result for lebaron cultThe Lebarons
A story of a Mormon fundamentalist family
From Evil Cult Killers, by Omnipress

Alma Dayer LeBaron was an American Mormon who relocated to a Mormon settlement in Colonia Juarez, northern Mexico in the early 1900s.

He was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, that was set up by Joseph Smith in 1830, and just like many other LDS fellows of that time, Dayer LeBaron was a practising polygamist, which was usually referred to by Latter Day Saints as the act of “Plural Marriages’.

When the United States Congress made the practice of polygamy illegal in 1862 many LDS members fled to other countries such as Canada in an attempt to set up free polygamy practicing communities without the fear of persecution or prosecution. This was the reason that Dayer LeBaron had ended up at a settlement in Mexico and it was here that he fathered five of his seven children; Benjamin, Ross Wesley, Joel, Ervil and Alma.

It was also at this Mormon colony that Dayer LeBaron met Rulon Allred. Allred was convicted of polygamy in the US in 1947, skipped bail and escaped to Mexico where Dayer LeBaron gave him refuge whilst he sorted himself out. Rulon Allred would go on to wish that he had never encountered the LeBaron clan. Read more…

January 29, 2017 / No Black Pete

Mormon Killer Club

Image result for mormons memeThe Kirtland Killings
Jeffrey Lundgren and his Mormon splinter group
From Evil Cult Killers, by Omnipress

Jeffrey Don Lundgren was born on May 3, 1950 in the city of Independence, Missouri. The Lundgrens seemed like an average American family in many ways, Jeffrey’s father Don went to work whilst his mother, Lois, stayed at home to look after him and his younger brother and keep the house looking presentable.

The family were avid church goers, and like many Independence residents, were part of the local Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints (RLDS) congregation, which is an off-shoot in between Christianity and Mormonism. The vision statement of the RLDS reads as follows:

We believe that the future belongs to God and that the promise of God’s kingdom shall be fulfilled. We have a vision of that kingdom where the name of Jesus Christ is truly honoured, where God’s will is done on earth, where the hungry are fed, poverty is alleviated, sinners are repentant, and sin is forgiven. We believe that love is the proper foundation of our relationship with others, that opportunity to grow in the likeness of Christ should be fostered, and that the resources of the world can be managed to respect and preserve their creation and purpose. We have a vision of a time when all evil is overcome and peace prevails. Impelled by this vision, we will be an international community of prophetic vision, faithful to the risen Christ, empowered by hope, spending ourselves courageously in the pursuit of peace and justice.

Read more…